How do I prepare for our shoot?

The best way you can prepare for an in-home shoot is to you have your home looking its best. Your home is the backdrop for all the photos. Kids are a moving target, which is something I love about photographing them. You never know what they'll do next! This just means that in an apartment, all spaces are game and in a house, the more room to move the better. 


For parents of newborns...

For mommies-to-be, I recommend you set a date for photographing your newborn ahead of your due date. Babies are most malleable the first 12 days of their life, and at their best behavior in the morning. If you miss this window, no big deal! You can still get great newborn photos within the first month of life.


What is your photography process?

I am an in-home photographer, which means I join your in your home or at a location of your choice. I'm happy to meet you at the beach, your favorite park, or any other "happy place" you know your children love. I am equipped with a light-kit if necessary.


What should we wear for our shoot?

Picking out clothes can be tricky for parents. If  you're going to do two outfits, make sure that there is a real different between the two you pick. I always advise that you wear similar color tones to one another, rather than all wearing the same color. For instance: if you love purple, then have a couple family members wear a different shade of the color, and someone wearing a neutral shade of gray or white. Or, have someone wear an accessory that color. I have also created some Pinterest boards to give you a little help and inspiration. Props are a really fun way to add some amusement to your photo shoot. Balloons look fantastic, and toys and books that you don't mind having in the photos are a great way to entertain toddlers during a shoot, while still helping to add some fun to the photos. If you want your child in a fun patterned outfit, I always advise mom and dad to go a little simpler. The key to mixing patters is to vary their size. If you child is a large scale print, then your partner or you can wear a really small scale print. Always happy to answer more questions by phone or email when it comes to clothing. 


What if my child get's sick on photo day?

Kids will be kids, which means they come down with a runny nose more often than we like, and often pass them off to the rest of the family! If you need to change the date, your deposit will be transferred to another date we select together. All I need is at least 3 hours advanced notice on the day of the shoot to ensure that you retain your deposit.


What if it rains or snows and we planned to be outside?

Mother Nature is a fickle friend. My policy is that I'm happy to reschedule with you as long as I have three hours advanced notice on the day of the shoot or earlier. Your deposit will be transferred to the next day we choose together as long as I have advanced notice.